Revision suitable for all netGeometry courses: 19jan11, 29jan11, 1feb11, 26may11 , 18oct12, 13jun13, 15jun13, 30dec13, 26oct15.
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Index of Advice

This catalog of helpful advice is now arranged into sections that may or may not pertain to your particular netGeometry course.

General Items

Mathematical Typesetting

texPad for offline practice etc

  • Download texPad unzip and run it.
  • Use texPad for learning LaTeX off-line.
  • Here is a 13:30 minute video on using texPad.
  • Use the Moodle for practicing LaTeX .
  • texWins for browser-based LaTeX documents

  • Use texWins online for professional looking homework.
  • For Logical Symbols and Figures you'll need an extended preamble.
  • LaTeX Sampler with preambles and examples.
  • Mathematical Figures

    Constructions with Ilya Baran's KSEG

    Constructions with Mike Hvidsten's Geometry Explorer


    The functionality of Elluminate has changed since this company was acquired by the Oracel subsidiary, Blackboard Collaborate. Thus the "First Aid" page is now misleading. A partial replacement is in the "Getting Started" page. But there is some wisdom to be gained from the original advice.


    Online submission, grading and returning is a volatile effort that depends on the particular class management system used in your current class. What follows is partially obsolete and will be corrected in due time.

    Index of .mp4 videos