Here is a growing collection of useful information on how to use KSEG, and also of some peculiarities. We begin with a an essay by Ilya Baran which is inside the KSEG distribution but hard to find. - Baran’s KSEG Help file

Tricks and Traps

Vanishing button bars

Here is an unexpected trap in some versions of KSEG. The buttons that activate the KSEG tools come in four banks, can be moved around the screen, and even turned off. Which of the bars are visible seems to persist from one session to the next. So, if you turn any of the off, you had better know how to turn them on again.

In short, there is a "secret" dropdown menu on the right mouse button "located" in the extreme top left (or right) corner of the drawing plane. It has four toggles, which some experimentation show, mean the following: