\begin{document} \maketitle \section{What is Elluminate} It is an online, browser based way of holding a semblance of a virtual class-room or office-session. You'll need to google it to read about how wonderful it is. Here is barebones information, which will be updated frequently (refresh your bowser!) \subsection{How do I join an Elluminate session?} If your curent geometry course has Elluminate sessions then follow the directions on what to point your browser to, and put the url into your bookmarks. \subsection{Recording of sessions.} Elluminate has the ability to record segments of an Elluminate session. When your moderator announces that a recording starts, you should not discuss any personal issues (grades). Such recordings are for the benefit of students you are unable to make it to the session. These videos are accessible only to your fellow students and the moderator team. \subsections{Examples} Here are two excerpts from Elluminate sessions. The Whiteboard session shows how one can use the a stylus (badly) in a pinch. The second is on Preambles for texWins . (A more complete video of a texWins session is planned for later.) \end{document}