On my pc it nested a kseg-0.401 folder inside another one with the same name. This is one of the mysteries of Windows. In such cases you can rename the outer one of them, and drag the inner one out of its container to the desktop. You do not however want to drag the icon labelled KSEG out of its container. It needs the other files in the folder. You can, if you know how, create a link to the desktop so you can click on KSEG just once.

On a Mac

The KSEG website tells you how to install a pre-compiled package on our mac. Download the .zip file, unzip it, and click on it. It should install itself automatically, and it may take a bit of time since it is quite large.

I don’t have an unprepared mac (one that doesn’t already have KSEG on it) but as soon as I do, and test it out, I’ll post the procedure.


As its author, Ilya Baran of MIT, writes, the third rewrite of KSEG was written for Linux and you can download the source and compile it yourself. Then you can also make changes to it and recompile. Please let me and Ilya know if you are successful in extending the functionality of KSEG.