How to Use the Moodle with LaTeX

\begin{document} \maketitle \section{Introduction} There are many opportunities to learn LaTeX and use it in this course. \section{Writing LaTeX on the Moodle} The Moodle Forum feature, where you post your questions, and add replies, has a primitive LaTeX feature, very similar to texPad. But unlike texPad, it does not have two side by side windows. Moreover, it does not use proper LaTeX syntax in that you must use two dollar-signs before and after any LaTeX code. Nevertheless, this is quite a good way of writing your math so that the reader knows exactly what you are trying to say. \section{Writing LaTeX in QAint} Many lessons (eventually all) have embedded questions for you to answer, and establish an interactive dialogue with your course mentor. It looks very much like texPad, and has two windows. Never copy and paste a formula from the right-hand window and expect it to work properly in the left hand window. Here's the reason why, in case you need to know. texPad is a MathML application which uses your browser (you are using Firefox, aren't you by now?) to convert LaTex code into something very different than LaTeX code. And retranslating that into MathML can have amusing but annoying consequences. \end{document}