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Syllabus FA14

\begin{document} \maketitle This file is frequently updated. Each time you visit this page, update your browser. (Your browser may call this "reload this page", or "refresh".) Note the date it was last revised. To optimize your sucess in this course, read over the lesson scheduled for a specific date beforehand. Your questions, posted in advance, will be answered first in class. You will receive "class participation credit" for being prepared for the day's lesson. The convention is that "F8" means "Friday of Week 8". Thus M1 denotes the first class of the course.

Note: In the fall of 2014 this course was returned to being taught in a regular classroom without the customary IT available previously during class. So there are no scheduled labs until facilities large enough to hold the class can be found. Therefore, you will have to do many of the lab at home on your own computer, using software available to you online or downloaded from the web. Check the last update on each lesson, and if in doubt, ask on the Moodle whether the lesson is automatically modified by the absence of computers in the classroom. \section{Introduction to the Course} \begin{itemize} \item M1 Introduction to the entire course. \\ \item M1 Review of vector prerequisites. \\ \item M1 Self evaluation of your readiness for the course. \\ \item W1 Lesson on Greek Geometry with filecards. \\ \item F1 Aministrivia and how the course is organized \\ \item F1 Miscellaneous Advice and introduction to GEX2.0. \\ \end{itemize} \section{Affine Geometry} \begin{itemize} \item M2 Labor Day, no class. \item W2 Census on Administrivia is due today. \item W2 Lesson A2 Quadrilaterals, Diagonals and Parallelograms. \\ \item W2 Lesson A2a Sample texPad solution to Exercise 1.7a \\ \item W2 Lesson A2b Sample texWins solution to Tondeur Problem 1.7a. \\ \item F2 Lesson A3 The Centroid Theorem. (See Advice/8min Video) \\ \item F2 Lab quiz using GEX2.0 and texWins. (See Advice/8min Video) \\ \item M3 Lesson A4 Cartesian and Barycentric Coordinates. (With MCL.) \\ \item W3 Filecard on Lesson A4 Barycentric Coordinates, due today.\\ \item W3 Homework due Exercises 8,9,11, 12.\\ \item W3 Lesson A5 Ceva's Theorem. \\ \item F3 Lesson A6 Two applications of the Main Collinearity Lemma. \\ \item F3 Lesson A7 Menelaus' Theorem. \\ \item M4 Lesson A8 Menelaus implies Ceva. \\ \item W4 Homework due Exercises 13,16a, 17, 18.\\ \item F4 Catchup and review for hourly.\\ \item M5 Hourly on Affine Geometry on Lessons A1-A8. \item W5 Homework due : Exercises 20, 21, 22.\\ \item W5 Short Lesson on Dilatations. with filecards.\\ \item Fall 2014, his lesson replaces the longer lesson on dilatations taught in some sections of the course. \\ \item Fall 2014, we will do a new lesson based on parts of the following two. \item F5 Lab on Euler line and Feuerbach Circle drawing experiments with GEX2.0.\\ \item F5 Active Learning Session on the composition of two dilatations. This is the last lesson to be covered on the midterm. \end{itemize} \section{Perspective Geometry} \begin{itemize} \item M6 Remaining details on Affine Geometry (Part 1) and introduction to Perspective (Part 2) \item W6 Lesson P1 Kepler's plane. \\ \item W6 Lesson P2 Alberti's veil. \\ \item F6 Exercise 1 on Ideal Desargues due. \\ \item F6 Lesson P3 Thales on the horizon. With the 3 Horizon and Zenith exercises as lab report. \\ \item M7 Exercise 2 on Perspective Squares due. \\ \item W7 Exercise 3 on Checkerboard Floor due. \\ \item W7 Lesson P4 Cubing an Edge recipe begun. \\ \item F7 Review session for the Midterm. \item M8 Midterm Hourly \item W8 Lesson P4 Cubing an Edge recipe completed. \\ \item W8 Lesson P8 Motivating the Twelve Point Circle. \\ \item W8. Lesson P9 Twelve point circle.\\ \item F8 Lesson P5 Peeping House tutorial and lab. \\ \item F8 Exercise 4 on Cubing an Edge in 3-Point Perspective due. \\ \item M9. Discussion of Midterm and Grading Policy.\\ \item W9. Construction of a cube in 2-Point Perspective. \\ \item F9 Lesson P7 Measuring a Box, tutorial and lab. \\ \item F9 Measuring a Box in 3 and 2 Point Perspective \item M10 Lesson P6 Perspective Rulers begun.\\ \item W10 Lesson P6 Perspective Rulers completed.\\ \item W10 Exercise 5 on the measuring a box is due . \\ \item F10 Exercise 6 on the twelve-point circle due . \\ \item F10 Takehome on perspective assigned. Due 1pm W11. \item F10 Exercise 7 on the Cube in 2-Point Perspective due. \\ \end{itemize} \section{Transformational Geometry} Note, prepare the lesson \textbf{before class} by reading it and filling in the filecards by 11am of the day specified. Filecards will be checked before class. If you can't answer a question, say so, and it will be discussed in class. Class participation credit is assessed for completed filecards. \begin{itemize} \item M11 Overview of the entire section. \item M11 Lesson I1 Definition of isometry.\\ \item W11 Here is the filecard on Lesson I1: Isometries . \item W11 Lesson I2 The Osometry Factorization Theorem (OFT) \\ \item F11 Here is the filecard on Lesson I2: Osometries . \item F11 Lab experiment factoring a translation and factoring a rotation . \\ \item M12 Lesson I3 The Barycentric Coordinates Theorem (barytheorem) \\ \item M12 Here is the filecard on Lesson I3: the Barytheorem . \item W12 Lesson I4 Reflections and their properties. (Conjugacy Theorem)\\ \item W12 Here is the filecard on Lesson I4: Conjugacy. \item F12 Lab F12. Finish Lab F11 in this supervised lab. \item M13 Exercises A,B,C,D,E are due. Prepare a single .pdf for all five problems, with figures and justification. \\ \item M13 Lesson I5 Part I Rotations and their Recalibration and Conjugacy Theorems. \\ \item M13 Lesson I5 Part II Translations and their Recalibration and Conjugacy Theorems. \\ \item M13 Here is the filecard Lesson I5: Recalibration of Translations and Rotations.. \item W13 Lesson I6 Classifications by least mirrors (charm). \\ \item W13 Lesson I7 Glide-reflections and the Classification Theorem. \\ \item F13 Lab Experiment simplifying compositions \\ \item F13 Homework with Exercises F,G,H,K is due.\\ \item Turkey Break. \item M14 Comments on FGHK \\ \item M14 Review of Isometry Theory \\ \item M14 The final lesson on isometries for the final is on glide-reflections. \item W14 Hourly test on isometries. \\ \item F14 Discussion of solutions to Hourly test on isometries. \\ \item F14 Homework with Exercises L,M,N,O,P is due. \\ \item M15 Return hourly on isometries and review. \item W15 Study guide for Final and discussion of the essay portion of the final. \item W15 Homework with Exercises Q,R,S,T is due. \\ \item R15 Is reading day. There will be signup sheets for private consultations\\ \item T16 Final exam is at 7:00pm 18dec14 in Rm 102 Altgeld . Note the correction of the error on earlier versions of the syllabus.\\ \end{itemize} \end{document}