Lab F6 on the Composition of 2 Dilatations

The LaTeX code for this example is here.

\begin{document} \maketitle \section{Lab Assignments} This is an Active Learning Session on exploring and illustrating the composition of two dilatations. \subsection{Form Groups (5 mins)} \begin{itemize} \item Form groups of 3 people. (I may assign a 4th member.) \item Introduce yourself to each other \item Choose a "secretary". The secretary will submit the work of the group. \item The secretary will fill out the sheet with the names of the group members, clearly identifying the secretary. \item Note, there will be (at least) 3 active learning sessions. Assuming your group will continue to work together, each of you has the opportunity to get credit for being the secretary before the end of the semester. \end{itemize} \subsection{The Task} To illustrate the composition of two dilatations. There are several cases to consider. Some of the work is done with pencil and paper. Once you have figured out the solutions, discuss and execute constructions and screenprints of figure illustrating the theorems. \subsection{What to submit} Anything you like, up to 10 files properly labelled. One of the files is a brief record of your deliberations. \end{document}