1. Instructions

Here is a collection of exercises based on those in Tondeur, Chapter 4. Since we have summarized the methods in the lessons, and corrected some errors in the text, the reference to an exercise, section, theorem or example in the text, included in brackets, are advisory. The exercise is given a letter to avoid confusion with the antecedent item in the text. In the exercise, these may have been rephrased, and instructions on how they are to be solved are given. All solutions should be based on the notes, in particular, you need to refer to propositions stated and proved in the lessons. Do not refer to theorems, propositions, lemmas or sections by their number in Tondeur. You may refer to summarizing results in the lessons by their nicknames, such as "Osometry Factorization Theorem"(OFT), "Barytheorem", "Tripod", "Recalibration", "Conjugacy" theorems etc. Also, when properties are in a list you may use the numbering there, though a few well chosen, descriptive words are preferable.

Also note that many of the exercises in Tondeur’s text have been subsumed into the lessons. So there's no point to assigning them as again. Other exercises have been added to simplify your solution of whole groups of exercises.

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