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General Advice pages for all courses.
Online Python . Recall that (Shift)+(Return) gets you a newline for this version of Python.

New since Covid-19

Geometrical Puppetshow - Topological Picturebook
Homotopy Pinakothek: Restoration of Classical Animations
François Apéry's obituary of Bernard Morin

Courses offered Fall 2019

MA492: IGL Project "MathViz19"
Mathematics and Machine Learning: Seminar

New since 2017

Restoration of Classical Animations
INFO597: Dissertation Research

Course offered Spring 2017

MA492: IGL Project "QuasiStable"

Course offered Fall 2016

MA198/CS199 Web Portal

Courses offered Spring 2016

MA347 Web Portal
MA348 Web Portal

Courses offered Fall 2015

MA198 Web Portal
MA595 Web Portal

Course taught Spring 2015

MA402 Web Portal
Syllabus MA402
Math 499 Powerpoint as PDF

The following courses were taught another time

MA198 Web Portal
Projects 2013
MA403 Web Portal
Syllabus MA403

netMA348 Web Portal
Syllabus netMA348

MA595 Web Portal

Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)

Audible Sketchpad for the CAVE 1999-2001
PyCube04---Scripting the CUBE

Miscellaneous Projects:

A pedagogical experiment: Netgeometry 2010
Quasicrystals in the Illinois Geometry Lab Quasistable 2013-2017
At least Five 1997 eversions in the EVL+NCSA CAVE.

Javascript projects from MA198: HTML5+JS

The Wester Game: in 2D |in 3D

Miscellaneous Links

Conferences AMS Special Session on Mathematical Visualization 2009
Art Installations Math Gallery for the DMS Director at the NSF
Eversions Videos of YouTube: The Optiverse | Max Eversion | Outside In
Please excuse any broken links in my partly restored historical webpage, linked to this new one top right. I am still rebuilding the old new.math.uiuc.edu website after a disk failure in the my annus horribilis 2013, followed by unrelated but obnoxious problems with the UIUC ATLAS servers twice that same summer.