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2016 Course Syllabus

Spring 2016 Course Description

Last taught online as netMath 348 Summer 2013

MA347/348: Advanced Composition in Fundamental Mathematics

Professor: George Francis
Teaching Assistant : TBA
Online Text Developers: Mike Sommers, Brian Fisher
Required Text: Access to D'Angelo-West Mathematical Thinking Prentice Hall, 1997, 2000, any edition
Prerequisites: Calculus II (Math 231 or the equivalent) and completion of the campus Composition I General Education requirement.
Class Time 347 E1: MWF 1:00pm 343 Altgeld Hall
Class Time 347 G1: MWF 3:00pm 241 Altgeld Hall
Lab for MA348: TR 1:00pm by appointment, 104 ATLAS House at 608 S Mathews (white frame house corner with Oregon).

Description: This course prepares freshmen, sophomore, and transfer students for work in upper division mathematics courses by teaching selected fundamental topics from discrete and continuous mathematics, techniques of proof and computer simulation, and good mathematical exposition. The MA348 course satisfies also the Composition II General Education Credit. Both sections for the 3CR MA347 component are the same and students may attend either lecture. The lab time for the 4CR MA348 version will be arranged.

Content: Central to the course is the ability of its students to read, construct and write mathematical proofs and to understand the structure and conventions of written mathematical arguments. In this edition of the course students learn to program simple mathematical algorithms in Python. Students are encouraged to learn LaTeX to prepare homework assignments. They use geometrical construction packages to compose, label and caption figures. For MA348, a 15 page expository paper, or a substantial, carefully documented program in Python or HTML5/Javascript, constitutes the required semester project. The project proposal, progress report and final draft are extensively edited and rewritten. Students keep a handwritten Journal of their work.

Policies: Additional information will be added to this website periodically, and linked at the top of this page. Set your bookmarks here and consult frequently. Update everytime you visit a webpage.

Essential Information: Graduate students can take MA348 for a 1U letter or S/U grade. Term paper is due: M13. Final is on 8-11am Tuesday, 10may16. Conflict final 8-11am Friday, 6may16. Conflicts must be declared and approved no later that the last class. Office hours at ATLAS House. All quizzes, homework and assignments are scheduled on the syllabus.
The final grade will be based on this distribution: 30% final, 30% midterms, 40% class participation based on all other assigned and optional work. The 4CR MA348 version is redistributed so that the term project is 25% of the course grade.