11aug16: These pages are gradually being updated and adapted to the new class environment this fall. What follows was for last year.
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Math 198/CS199 Fall Semester 2016

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The date at the top of a webpage indicates when it was last updated. In addition, there are web pages dating back a decade or so, which are difficult to update each semester. Check the date at the top left, and use caution.

Recall that right clicking a webpage permits you to see the code for it, and even copy it for your own use. Some of the webpages here are in pure HTML, the language of the web. These are easy to edit and require no ancillary files. Older ones are composed with a factory called asciiDoc and are therefore poor examples from which to learn HTML. The current hybrid of HTML and LaTeX (The Pudding) comes with a decorative picture, and are easier to maintain. To edit your personal copies of them you will will need some additional files you have to learn how to find. Ask on our Piazza.

Table of Contents


Elementary Lessons

Intermediate Lessons

Advanced Lessons

Lessons by Week, Current and Past

Although we did not follow the identical progression of topics as in past years, some of these lessons are still of interest you the current class. Here is an annotated index by the week:

Last Words

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