Weeks 7 Fall 2011

\begin{document} \maketitle \section{Monday} No class. Senate. \section{Wednesday} \begin{itemize} \item Read the Moodle Forum. Fill out your profile. Find a nice pic of yourself. \item Submit your Journal. \item Update and add to your repo. \item Common items in the repo: examples.zip, public_html, project dump (?) \item Rationalization of Stan Blank's examples \item The illiSkel aka skel for mac/pc/python/syzygy. \item Recap of Friday. More on articulated animations and scene-graphs. \end{itemize} \section{Thursday} I expect to be at ISL in the morning of R7. Put stuff into repo for me to try. \section{Friday} \subsection{Administrivial Agenda} \begin{itemize} \item Your Miniproject is now due. \item Its summary may be in LaTeX (with texWins or your own LaTeX), or as a textfile. \item Your webpage needs some minimal editing now. \item You may submit your (at least) 1-page summary on your new website. It should have a screenshot of your miniproject with it. \item Your project pre-proposal is due on F8 (one week). \end{itemize} \subsection{Mathematical Agenda} The following items related to the OpenGL pipeline, but of independent interest, need to be presented sometime in the next two weeks. (After that, we'll start the project seminars.) Here is a list, not necessarily in order. \begin{itemize} \item OpenGL lighting models. \item Perspective and the OpenGL frustum. \item 3D Rotations and Quaternions. \item The Graphics Pipeline. \item Cellular Automata \item Iterated Function Systems \item Logistic Chaos and the Mandelbrot Set \item The Mandelbrot and Julia Sets \item Strange Attractors, the Lorenz, Roesller, etc. \end{itemize} \end{document}