Weeks 8 Fall 2011

\begin{document} \maketitle \section{Monday} \section{The Bresenham Algorithm} This lesson is about how computers draw straight lines and how OpenGL colors a triangle. Emily Gunawan's lecture, based on Jim Blinn's article, is a solution to the assignment, to deconstruct the algorithm from her code. Read it after you've made an attempt at least. Once you've understood her explanation, see if you can solve the easier problem, of drawing a straight line on your own, without googling it. The example is in Python with TKinter. As of 15aug13, it is still possible to see this program do its thing by (1) copying the code to a file on your computer called gunawan.py, for example. Then (2), feed this file to your resident Python installed on your computer. For example, on a Mac or Linux, enter the command "python gunawan.py" on a command line. It is also good exercise to implement this example in other languages you are good at, e.g. \begin{itemize} \item Python/OpenGL \item C/C++/Open GL (as in mvc98) \item VPython \end{itemize} In each case, there is a preliminary problem to solve, namely how to draw a visible square to represent one pixel, since our pixels are not too small to see. Once you have a familar drawing program working on the code, you can experiment with it to also draw the Bresenham line. What other figures can you draw by a similar method? \section{New Resources} For those of you learning OpenGL, the sample basket from the Redbook is a great resource. Those with PC should see if the .exe from 1996 here will still run. Those of you who an use a C/OpenGL compiler (you need glut.h), for example mvc98, should figure out the minimum modifications (described in the onboard readme-file, on the codes to recompile. Use the pocket programs as guides. \begin{itemize} \item A didactic (and incidentally, very amusing) essay you will enjoy reading is In the Beginning ... was the Commandline by Neal Stephenson, the author of Snowcrash. \item The redbookOGL directory contains ancient OpenGL examples from the famous Redbook \end{itemize} \section{Tuesday} \begin{itemize} \item We finally have a sensible and simple GUI wordprocessor for macs, Bean by John Hoover, a writer. It is similar to Wordpad. and better yet, it still works on OSX10.7 "Lion". \end{itemize} \section{Wednesday} \begin{itemize} \item Zach Reizner: Mandelbrot meets Julia on the GPU \end{itemize} \section{Thursday} \begin{itemize} \item Se-Joon Chung: Dancing i in the Cube (testing) \item Matt Hoffman: Sierpinski tetrahedra in the Cube (testing) \end{itemize} \section{Friday} \begin{itemize} \end{itemize} \end{document}