Lesson on the OpenGL Geometry Pipeline

Formerly: Week 10 Fall 2012

28oct12, revised 15sep13
\begin{document} \maketitle \section{Monday} \section{Desconstructing the OpenGL Pipeline} At the moment, there is only the deconstruction of the most complicated example, torpot, available. The file illiTorpot.txt is a listing of the 2002 C/OpenGL/GLUT code for the SGI operating system. It has been adapted to Linux, mac (and possibly) Windows environments, but I don't have these listings handy. \subsection{For macs} The folder mac/ here contains a source, makefile, and executable for torpot on a mac. When you are able to create such a collection for Linux (state which compiler), or for the PC (state 32 or 64 bit) then I will add this to the current lesson. \section{Exercises} \begin{itemize} \item A similar deconstruction with documentation, but for the first and simplest ancester of illiTorpot, namely the illiShell named "skel.c". One place to find the skel is here. \item There still (2013) is no port of the skel.c to skel.py, the Python/OpenGL version. But there are precursers to skel.py in in ../ipython/octahedron and in ../ipython/torus. Each of these could be modified to a verision of torpot. \end{itemize} \end{document}