Week 2 Fall 2011 and 2015

25aug11, 18oct15
\begin{document} \maketitle \section{Rationale} While week1 has been stable for many years, eperimenting with DPGraph and studying a lesson on quadric surfaces, the second week addresses the overriding needs of the students. This fall we shall begin with Python in the second week. So, the tool is a programming language, which is for some of you the first experience in programming. But it would be dull not to do graphics with Python in this course, so we do. This is the first experience programming graphics for a few more of you. We will do this by exploring turtle graphics in immediate mode Python. The progression will be to segue (pronounced segway in American) from immediate more to deferred mode, which is more like compiling computer programs. And we will move into 3D with OpenGL in the following week. Ultimately, the idea is your to produce a surface (however simple), which we can experienced in the Cube. \section{Choices} \begin{itemize} \item Earlier Week 2 Lesson \item fibonacci-readme for a first experiment with Python. \item fibonacci-journal and its transaction journal of a Python session. \item circle-readme for a 2nd experiment with Python. \item circle-journal and its transaction journal of a Python session. \item The sinewheel lesson in week3 \item Some homeworkF2 you might do in the near future. \end{itemize} \end{document}