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Fall 2015 MA595/MA597 Webpages

MA595 Homepage and MA597 Projects

Colleen Ackermann Personal Website
Eliana Duarte Fabrication of Rigid Quasicrystal Frameworks
Junxian LiVisualizing Exponential Sums with Mathematica CDF files.
Lok Hey Ng Personal Website
Daan Michiels Class Website
Martin Miller Essay on Quaternions
Malik Obeidin webpage.
Mary Angelica Gramcko-Tursi A Barnsley IFS Editor in Python/TkInter
Jordan Bohall Classical Proofs in Geometry
Benjamin Wright Fractional Interations of Functions
Sahand Hariri A Model of Infection as a Cellular Automotaton in C++/OpenGL
James Keller Personal Website
Santiago Camacho Lectures on O-Minimality in HTML in HTML/The Pudding.
Xinghua Gao Cable Knots Generator in C/OpenGL