This is a webpage written for Math 595.

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Op een big

This is a poem. It's in Dutch, and very funny. It was written by a poet named Kees, I believe.

Een Britse big wiens naam was Pork
liep altijd rond met mes en vork.
Ik draag dit bij mij, sprak het beest,
zoals eenieder die dit leest,
en Brits verstaat terstond zal snappen,
for if the worst should come to happen.

Which Google translates as follows:

and might be edited (by GF) as follows.

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Collatz conjecture

Given a number, we can get a sequence of numbers by repeatedly applying the following procedure:

The Collatz conjecture states that no matter which number you start with, you'll always eventually reach 1. This webpage will (using javascript) numerically verify the conjecture for a given number.

WebGL demo

Here's a simple WebGL demo. You'll need a modern browser to make this work. The monkey was made in Blender, where it is a standard primitive.