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Lok Hei NG

Hi, my name is Lok Hei Ng. I am studying mathematics in UIUC. I am interested in differential geometry. I have taken a course called Computer Animation and Mathematical Visualization. In this course, we saw some proof of mathematical theorem by drawing, such as the pythagorean theorem we leant in high school. We also went to the Beckman Institute Illinois Simulator Laboratory for a field trip. We played with the cave there. We flew into the sphere and saw what is going on during the sphere eversion, which is smoothly and continuously turning a sphere inside out in a three-dimensional space. There's an animation on youtube.

Course History

The Chinese University of Hong Kong
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MATH3030 Algebra I
MATH 3040 Algebra II
MATH 3070 Introduction to Topology
MATH 3080 Number Theory
MATH 3093 Fourier Analysis
MATH 3253 Complex Variables and Applications
MATH 3230 Numerical Analysis
MATH 3240 Numerical Methods for Differential Equations
MATH 3270 Ordinary Differential Equations
MATH 4010 Functional Analysis
MATH 4030 Differential Geometry
MATH 4050 Real Analysis
MATH 4220 Partial Differential Equations
MATH 5070 Topology of Manifold
STAT 2001 Basic Concepts in Statistics and Probability I
STAT 2006 Basic Concepts in Statistics and Probability II
CSCI 1530 Fundamental Computing with C++
MATH 2201 Mathematics Laboratory I
MATH 2220 Mathematics Laboratory II
SEEM 2460 Introduction to Data Science
IT Proficiency Passed
University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
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MATH 500 Abstract Algebra I
MATH 518 Differential Manifolds I
MATH 540 Real Analysis
MATH 580 Combinatorial Mathematics
MATH 595 Computer Animation


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