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Fall 2016 Math198 Project Webpages Update

Aardvark Ivanhoe
=======================Friday ====================================
Deborah Chang Javascript: Badminton Man 2016 in Javascript.
Joaquin Malik Soccer Free Kick Simulation. A VPython RTICA.
Robert Stavins Devil Sticks Tricks A Javascript RTICA.
David Stone Scrabble: The Classic Game in Three Dimensions A Javascript RTICA.
Vibha Pandurangi CryptoViz: A Visualization of Encryption.
Becky Haight Spectroscopy: IR and NMR. A VPython RTICA.
Zach Hoegberg Visualizing Music in Real Time Using Fourier Transforms. in OpenGL
Colleen Williams Water Wheels A VPython RTICA.
Alex Layton 3D Cloud Chamber in VPython.
Nick Kasner An Exploraton of Automobile Racing. A VPython RTICA.
Lucas Simes Modern Art: Kandinsky and Pollock in 3D A Javascript RTICA.
=======================Thursday ==================================
Jacob Anderson A Puzzling Challenge: Exploring Virtual Rubik's Cubes. A Javascript RTICA.
Joey Dutton Mandelbulb. A Python/OpenGL RTICA.
Mukhil Murugasami ClimaViz:Modeling Sinusoidal Temperature Fluctuations. A Javascript RTICA.
Pax Kulbis Rubik Cube Solvers. A Javascript RTICA.
Alishba Rehman Cyclohexane: A Beautiful Interconversion. A VPython RTICA.
Jake Ribich Kepler's Laws, Universal or Not? A VPython RTICA.