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Students presenting in each of the three blocks are expected to be present for the entire session. Order and times within each session may change as current circumstances warrant. Please checkout how to use the projection equipment for your presentation ahead of time.

Public Presentations of MA1gCS199 2015 Projects
University of Illinois grafiXlab, 102 Altgeld Hall

Tuesday Afternoon, 15 December 2015, 102 Altgeld

1:00PM Charles Tierney Modeling Wind Turbines and Vortices in Python/OpenGL
1:30PM Emily Stanfield Blobby Swims in VPython
2:00PM Brian Campbell-Deem Physible: Making Physics Visible in VPython
2:30PM Wesley Tung Picturing Chemical Equilibria in VPython
3:00PM Andrew Kazenas 4D Cantor Fractals in HTML5/Javascript/ThreeJS
3:30PM Joey Bloom The 3D Chaos Game in HTML5/Javasript/ThreeJS

Wednesday Afternoon, 16 December 2015, 102 Altgeld

1:00PM Molly Fane 3D Shadows of Surfaces in Python/OpenGL
1:30PM Alexandra Lamtyugina Folding of Polyhedral Nets in C/OpenGL
2:00PM Wyatt Newberry The Sierpinski Tetrahedron in HTML5/Javascript/ThreeJS
2:30PM Nathan Walters 3D Turtle Graphics on Browsers in HTML5/Javascript/ThreeJS
3:00PM Cameron Cuzmanko 3D Pong: A Remake of America's Favorite Game in VPython
3:30PM Luke Hanselman Stellerator: New Interest in an Old Theory in VPython

Thursday Aternoon, 17 December 2015, 102 Altgeld

1:00PM Robert Kaufman Multi Dimensional Mazes in HTML5/CANVAS
1:30PM Haenah Kim Flight Simulation of a Hawk in VPython
2:00PM Robert Kaucic Creating an Interactive Rubik's Cube in VPython
2:30PM Joseph Zabinski Slingshot Celestial Mechanics in Vpython
3:00PM Daniel Stelzer Rotations with Bivectors in n-Dimensions in Python/OpenGL

2015 Peer Mentors and Language Coaches

Ramya Babu Swimming Man in HTML5/Javascript
Graham Ellinghausen Lissajou Curves in the Third Dimension in HTML5/Javascript
Vassi Mladeno Hypersnake: The Classic Game in Four Dimensions Python/OpenGL