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3D Turtle Graphics

By Nathan Walters



My project is a 3D turtle graphics application implemented using JavaScript and HTML5. It works very similarly to a standard 2D turtle system, with the logical extension that the turtle will be able to move along a third dimension. It also allows the user to move the camera so as to be able to view the turtle's drawings from different perspectives. More information about my project can be seen in my project proposal.


You can read about my finished RTICA in the project documentation. It is implementated as a single-page web application with HTML, JavaScript, and the three.js graphics library. Users have two ways to enter commands.


The turtle supports the following commands:


The following code snippets demonstrate some interesting things that can be done with the turtle. More scripts can be found in this folder. Most of these programs should be copy-pasted into the "Text Input" tab on the RTICA; the example below labeled "direct commands" should be entered line-by-line into the "Terminal" tab.

Draws a wireframe cube (direct commands)

Draws a wireframe cube (scripting)

Draws a wireframe sphere (scripting)