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About Me

My name is Brian Campbell-Deem, and as of writing this (15dec15) I am a Junior in Engineering Physics. I've been interested in physics since I was first exposed to it in high school, which is also when I was first exposed to programming (in C++). Although I'm no expert in either field, I'm currently finishing up my undergrad physics curriculum and will be moving on to graduate courses soon (with a plan of going to grad school for physics.) It is in fact my interest in my current quantum and thermal/stat mech classes which first gave me the idea for Physible (along with my love for teaching--especially physics!)
I'm from Urbana, IL, and I love video games and music. I also love movies and I'd watch a lot more if I had the time. I'd post more about myself but I'm not even sure if we're supposed to have an 'about me' section, I just thought it would be nice.

About Physible

Physible is my semester project for MATH198 Fall 15 at UIUC. It was originally supposed to be 1 contained program, but due to time constraints is currently left as 4 sub-programs. All consituents are programmed in Python using the Vpython library by Bruce Sherwood. The goal of Physible is in the name: to make physics visible; each program is designed with the user in mind, to convey the math behind the physics and let them interact with it to get a more intuitive feel thereof. For example, some of the programs allow users to input different values to watch how they change the simulation; it also combines 3-D graphics simulating real situations with the mathematical graphs for simulatenous viewing.

The most detailed description of the theory behind my project can be found in the narrative. A list of weekly updates (as they happened) is in the top bar.

Older documentation (errors and all) may be found at the links below:
Quantum Math Powerpoint
Proposal Rough Draft