December 16, 2009: I've created a C++ program that draws lines of specified thickness in any ROY G BIV color. As for the other drawing functions, I have found that I need to rethink my code so that it is more efficient. I plan to continue working with scribble.cpp in order to create a richer program and to improve my programming abilities. Here is a current screenshot of a picture drawn in Scribble:

November 16, 2009: As of now, I have szg on my computer and am using ribbons.cpp (with the szg compiler) to make slight modifications to the code. I am in the process of learning enough C++ to develop a competency that will allow me to add some substantive code of my own. First off, I plan on altering ribbons so that the width of the strips that are drawn can be altered, and from there I intend to add some other general drawing functions (insert a plane, a cube, a sphere, etc.). Ideally, the program would run in the cube and would include a save mechanism that would allow for art to be stored for future reference.

Here's a screenshot of ribbons.cpp:

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Credit goes to Liz Pyde for coming up with the name "Scribble"