The goal of the project Scribble is to create a user-friendly three-dimensional drawing program for the cube at the University of Illinois where the cube wand acts as an analog to a paintbrush. The motivation for this endeavor lies in the fact that only pre-programmed material can currently be viewed in the cube; thus, only those familiar with programming are able to see an object of their choosing in the three-dimensional projected space. Scribble is intended to be easy to use so that those without a background in programming can still create and explore three-dimensional pictures and models in the cube. By including a few basic functions--for example, drawing a manual curve, placing a sphere or cube, and changing line colors--a dynamic tool that enables visualization and understanding of objects and 3-d figures would surface. Additionally, the program would simply be enjoyable to work with from an art perspective.

The feasibility of a save mechanism--that is, a way of storing the information from a drawing session so that it can be referenced or edited--is another aspect that the project will explore. If a save method can be effectively implemented, it will add substantial value to the final Scribble program.

Last Updated by raptorfish December 17, 2009

Credit goes to Liz Pyde for coming up with the name "Scribble"