12oct10 This document was made in the Pudding (where the proof of it is...)


Blending and modularizing two 400-level geometry courses for distance education.

George Francis, Debra Woods, Michael Sommers

with Adbdulmajed Dakkak, John Pacey, Jared Schaber, Brian Fisher, Rob Halliday

Mathematics Department PITA grant 2009/2010, University of Illinois

\begin{document} Original Proposal with marginal annotations.
Project Final Report.
Post-Euclidean Geometry Course overview.
Administrivia and other important issues.
Logic and other prerequisites.
Lesson on Greek Geometry
Lesson on Affine Geometry
The blended classroom: 24 Illini Hall. Isometry construction by Serena's group. (video)
Centroid Theorem: Preparing figures with KSEG and Paint/iPaint. (Camtasia).
Palettes of tools for figures.
Extramural discussion: Interactive Whiteboard session. (Elluminate, Camtasia)
Homework tutorial: How to use texWins and texPad. (Elluminate, Camtasia)
Savannah's Perspective Takehome Test Extramural MA403, summer 2010 (teXwins, KSEG)