\begin{document} \maketitle \subsection{Products} \begin{itemize} \item MA403 FA2009 (33) netMA403 (3) \\ \item MA402 SP2010 (33) netMA402 (2) netMA403(1) \\ \item netMA403 SU2010 (5) \\ \item MA403 FA2010 (33) netMA403 (1) \\ \item texWins: LaTeX client-server (Sommers) \\ \item texPad: JavaScript/MathML (Sommers, Dakkak)\\ \item The Pudding: LaTeX/MathML/HTML (Schaber) \\ \item QAint: Question/Answer Interactive (Sommers)\\ \item GEX2.0: Custom edition of Non-Euclidean software (Pacey, Hvidsten)\\ \end{itemize} \subsection{PITA issues addressed} \begin{itemize} \item Noticeable Impact: Online Committee, E-Learning Specialist, Subversion \\ \item Other Disciplines: NONE -- math notation, figures, proofs \\ \item Words of Advice: Too much for 15 minutes! \\ \item Future Plans: See webpage \\ \item Knowledge Base: ?! \\ \end{itemize} \end{document}