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Summer Research Experience: illiMath2001

John M. Sullivan John Sullivan
"Rescalable Real-Time Interactive Computer Animation"
Monday 11 June 2001

Sullivan presented basic ideas about what manifolds are, and what makes manifolds nice. He also discussed the difference between Euclidian, Shperical, and Hyperbolic Space. The talk provided a mathematical foundation for the Narnia project.
Ben Schaeffer
"Visit the CUBE"
Tuesday 12 June 2001

Ben Schaeffer et. al. invited us to visit the CUBE [six-sided-CAVE] demonstration. We each had a chance to step inside the CUBE, and had a discussion about its developement.
Volodymyr Kindratenko
"CAVE Navigation"
Wednesday 13 June 2001

Kindratenko spoke about different CAVE navigation hardware and software, and issues that surround navigation in the CAVE.
Paul McCreary, Ben Farmer
"Bishop Frames"
Thursday 14 June 2001

McCreary and Farmer spoke about frames and the Bishop Frame in particular. They gave a demonstration of their project "BishopCoaster" which illustrated the difference between defining a curve with a Frenet Frame.
Guy Garnett
"Son & Lumiere"
Friday 15 June 2001

Guy Garnett gave an overview of current computer performance and composing techniques, and his ideas of the future of performance/composition environments. Then the floor was opened for a discussion of the new project "Canned Beats".
Mark Flider, Doug Nachand, Matt Woodruff
"Project Eight-Stones:Syzygy"
Friday 15 June 2001

Syzygy is a network-based rendering API written by Ben Schaeffer and intended to power the CUBE. Multiple clients can connect to a server to display OpenGL scenes with minimal network bandwidth.
George Francis
"Metarealistic RTICA: A Grammar for illiMath2001"
Monday 18 June 2001

Frank Gallo
"An Artist's View of Impossible Objects"
Monday 18 June 2001

Frank Gallo talked to us about one of his latest pieces -the Tripos. He discussed the developement of the Tripos. He also talked about an artists view of of mathematical and impossible objects.
George Francis
"Metarealistic RTICA: Making the Optiverse"
Tuesday 19 June 2001

John Hart
"Non-Photorealistic Rendering of Silhouettes"
Thursday 21 June 2001

Associate Professor John Hart in the Department of Computer Science presented us with an introduction to Morse Theory and how it can be applied to computer graphics. He then gave a short talk on non-photorealistic rendering.
Karen Shuman
"The Convolution Theorem and Image Processing"
Friday 15 June 2001

Robert Shuttleworth
Robert taked to us about Quaternions. He gave an introduction to quaternions, the algebra of quaternions, and discussed an application of quaterions to splines.

Mark Flider

R. Bishop, B.Farmer, R. Shuttleworth
"Bishop Coaster"

George Francis
"Early Sphere Eversions"

Mike Pelsmajer

Lorna Salaman

John Sullivan
"Manifolds Branched over Knots"

Dr. Stan Blank
"Beowulf Clusters"

Prof. Richard Sowers
"Mathematical Finance---Binomial Methods for Financial Derivatives"

Prof. Jared Bronski
"Modeling Advective Diffusion with Parabolic PDEs"