Canvas Drawings and Animations

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Below are a number of links to rudimentary animations and drawings that I have developed in HTML5 Canvas and Javascript. They range from simple boxes moving across a screen to drawings of a visual proof of the pythagorean theorem. Click below to check them out!

It appears the Canvas is not supported in your browser! Change over to Chrome ya jabroni!

Click here for a visualization of a proof by rearrangement of the pythagorean theorem, an animated visualization of the required lengths of the sides of a right triangle, and a calculator that informs the length of side "c" from sides "a" and "b".

Click here to see a group of triangles move across the screen before returning in the opposite direction when they reach the edge of the canvs!

Click here to see a group of boxes come together in the middle of the screen.

Click here to witness a triangle translate in a nearly three-dimensional way while also quickly cycling through three colors.

Click here to witness a box move across a grid.

Click here to see a really nice recursion tree!