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Pertinent Files

Below are links to the various files over the course of project creation.

Write-Ups and Documentation

Project Preproposal
Project Proposal First Draft
Pdf of Seminar Slides
Documentation of Turbine Creation Process
Final Presentation Slides
Final Documentation


The links below provide the source code for the two RTICAs I am presenting. To run said files, one must install Python 2.7 and the VPython module. No other dependencies are required.

When executing the "Forces" RTICA, 'd' increases angle of attack, while 'a' lowers it, 'w' increases velocity while 's' lowers it, and 'o' increases the length of the blade while 'l' lowers the length.

When executing the Turbine RTICA, 'a' increases the angular speed and 'd' decreases the angular speed

Forces and Vortices RTICA
Turbine and Vortical Wake RTICA