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Early Work

This page lists some of my earlier work in the course. Things I worked on later tend to be higher on the page. This page was written in the earlier part of the semester and uses the present tense, even though the undertankings mentioned here are no longer in progress.


I have two versions installed on my computer: an older one from the ISL and a newer "11sep12" version provided by the professor. I have sucessfully compiled and executed the "skeleton" program. I have modified OOPSkel.cpp to display a second fully interactable square. I have also refactored the comments to work with Doxygen and have generated (incomplete) Doxygen documentation for my program-in-progress. I have also read some of the ISL documentation.


I'm in the process of learning OpenGL for the CUBE (and for a potential project). I'm working in C++ with the Qt framework. I'm currently using "immediate mode" commands, which appear to be somewhat disfavored relative to a more modern API. I may learn the modern way later in the semester. Note that the cube supports OpenGL version 3.2.0. I have gotten two programs to work so far:


The DPGraph installer is broken, but I finally got this program to work on my computer by directly copying the program files from a classmate. I've looked through a bunch of the examples.


I've made good progress learning Python. I've gained a decent understanding of basic Python syntax, control flow, data structures, and object-oriented Python using sources including the following:

Code (oldest first)Description
Turtle.pyMy earliest surviving Python code. Contains functions to draw polygons and spirals using turtle. Does not run itself; for a demo, call showExample().
Shooting.pyMy attempt to make a small game involving long, slow-moving projectiles. I discovered that turtle python is far too slow to make this work, and abandoned the project. The run() command at the end of the file automatically launches a demo.
temp.pyI did not write this file, which uses Python Tkinter to draw a circle. Professor Francis showed this to me as a better alternative to using turtle for graphics.
Maze.pyA program that creates a maze (which may or may not be solvable). The program uses turtle for graphics, so it is very slow. The code at the end of the file launches a demo, and also creates an empty window as part of my attempt at learning Tkinter.
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