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OmniDerek Test/Dev Page

This is a test and development page. This page contains guidelines and rules for using the JavaScript and CSS setup I am collectively terming "OmniDerek"; it should be useful to anyone who wants to edit these pages.


Any page intending to use OmniDerek functionality must include OmniDerek.css and OmniDerek.js in the head section of the document.

Javascript Definitions

A page using OmniDerek content may/must define the following properties of the OmniDerek JavaScript object:

These definitions must be made in the head section of the file, and must appear after the inclusion (via a script tag) of OmniDerek.js.


OmniDerek's JavaScript code will use the PATH_TO_ROOT definition to modify the href attribute of every anchor ('a') tag. If you don't want this for a tag (for instance, if you are linking to a website), you should define the 'data-web' attribute of that tag and set it to something that evaluates to the boolean value true. OmniDerek will modify all other links.

Topbar, Validation Area, and Bottombar

The versions in this file are the "authoritative", most recent versions. Edit them in this file and then paste into all other files that use the OmniDerek system. You should never need to edit these for individual files. If a page is missing any of these, it probably shouldn't include OmniDerek.js.


Parts of the OmniDerek system need to be activated/initialized. This is accomplished by inserting a script at the bottom of the body section that calls the global function init().

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