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Schedule of illiMath2008 Events

Calendar archive for Week One.
Calendar archive for Week Two.
Calendar archive for Week Five.
Calendar archive for Week Seven.

This is Week 7, the penultimate week of the REU:
Events are in the REUlab, 102 Altgeld (AH), Beckman (BI) are so noted.

4:00 CAVE Rehearsal

10:00 REUlab Rehearsal
2:00 REUlab Geometric Projections Wolfram Rehearsal John Pacey
4:00 CAVE LookAhead Project Development Sam Ostling

3:00 REUlab Cocycles over Finite Fields Madison Rehearsal Adam Hughes, Eric Peterson, JohnMark Lau
4:00 CAVE Rehearsal

10:00 REUlab Mathematica Projects Wolfram Rehearsal Chase Boren, Abdul Dakkak, Lisa Hickok, Katie Poon, John Pacey
11:00 REUlab Islamic Mathematics Rehearsal Liz Rogers
1:00 -- 5:00 Wolfram Research Mathematica Projects Presentations Tutti

Friday All-REU Canoe Trip
10:00 REUlab Pascal's Hexagons Madison Rehearsal Lisa Hickok
11:00 REUlab illiSol Madison Rehearsal Will Davis and Sam Ostling
1:30 REUlab Rehearsal
2:00 REUlab Rehearsal
3:00 REUlab Rehearsal
4:00 CAVE Rehearsal