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Schedule of illiMath2008 Events

Calendar archive for Week One.
Calendar archive for Week Two.

This is Week 5, the fifth week of the REU:
Event are in the REUlab, 102 Altgeld (AH), Beckman (BI) are so noted.

10:00 REUlab SeminarLab Meeting
5:30 REUlab:Workshop szgPartiview Will Davis (SPI) with Stewart Levy (AM).

10:00 REUlab Workshop caveMathematica Chase Boren (SPI) with Ulises Cervantes (AM).
1:00 REUlab Workshp Sub-Riemannian structures on Nil , Lisa Hickock (SPI) with Jeremy Tyson (AM).
3:00 REUlab Workshop Lattice Gases and Navier Stokes Abdul Dakkak (SPI) with Mike Stone (Physics) and Jonathan Manton (AM).

10:00 REUlab and CAVE Workshop TBA
1:30 REUlab Workshop A simple website factory with Abdul Dakkak.
3:00 REUlab Workshop TBA