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Student Head of the Celestial Mechanics Group
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illiSol: A Modern Orrery

Currently, the only build available for illiSol is a Windows Executable (.exe file). Linux users can use Wine to run it perfectly well if they unpack the directory to the Wine virtual drive (usually ~/.wine/drive_c/). Otherwise, the texture mapping of the planetary surfaces may not work. To run illiSol, simply go into the directory and open the executable, illiSol.exe.

Setting Up the Syzygy Cluster

This short guide will help any user set up the Canvas Virtual Environment in the REU Lab. Email me at wldavis2@uiuc.edu or talk to me if you have any questions. Please read the entire document before attempting to set up the cluster.

Setting Up PySZG on Mac OS X 10.5, First Draft

This guide documents the steps I have taken to set up the PySZG bindings for our current version of Syzygy in the REU Lab. Note that this is an imperfect method, but for now, it works and can help you test your Syzygy Python Programs in Mac.

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