William Davis - Summer '08 REU in Mathematics

Student Head of the Celestial Mechanics Group
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Simulating the Virtual Environments

More information about our recent efforts in the REU Lab (Altgeld 102) to simulate the Cave environment will follow shortly, when we have finalized the setup.

Update June 19, 2008: A basic cluster setup, known as the Canvas, is now ready for use in the REU Lab. This short how-to should tell you everything you need to know to get it started on your own.

Update June 23, 2008: We have begun integrating Python capabilities with the Mac OS X build of Syzygy, and hopefully this will eventually make it onto the Canvas. For now, you can view this Setup Guide to see how to setup Python with Syzygy on the Macs. Note that this may require root access, and is not a "perfect guide" to setting it up. But it is a start.