The Optiverse

A video by John M. Sullivan, George Francis and Stuart Levy,
with original score by Camille Goudeseune.

Copyright 1998, University of Illinois

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RealAudio streaming video: full version or 2-min cut

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The script for the video

The Optiverse and Other Sphere Eversions, an article by John Sullivan for the International Society of the Arts, Mathematics and Architecture.

New: code for an interactive version of The Optiverse

The Optiverse is a 6.5-minute computer-animated video showing an entirely new way to turn a sphere inside out. The video captures scenes that can also be viewed as real-time interactive computer animations, on a workstation console or in the CAVETM immersive virtual environment. The narration is accompanied by parambiences, which are novel experiments in scientific sonification.

The Optiverse was premiered at the VideoMath Festival at ICM'98, the International Congress of Mathematicians, August 1998 in Berlin. A special two-minute cut was shown in the Electronic Theater at SIGGRAPH 98, July 1998 in Orlando.

Springer has published a collection of videos from the VideoMath Festival; this collection includes The Optiverse, and is available from bookstores or directly from Springer in NTSC format (for the US) or PAL format (for Europe).

The Optiverse was shown in Barcelona at the Third European Congress of Mathematics (3ecm), July 2000. Springer has published the collection of videos, Video and Multimedia at 3ecm, in DVD format as well as PAL and NTSC.

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