The Optiverse

A video by John M. Sullivan, George Francis and Stuart Levy,
with original score by Camille Goudeseune.

In memoriam:
Fred Almgren (1933-1997)
Optimal Geometer, Teacher, Friend

Postproduction: Jeff Carpenter, Dana Plepys
Thanks for:
Evolver software: Ken Brakke
Minimax concept: Rob Kusner
The illiShell: Alexei Bourd, Chris Hartman
Polyhedral Eversion: François Apéry

Produced at:
grafiXlab, Mathematics Department, University of Illinois, Urbana;
National Center for Supercomputing Applications;
Electronic Visualization Laboratory, University of Illinois, Chicago;

Copyright 1998, Board of Trustees, University of Illinois

Biographical sketches

John M. Sullivan joined the mathematics faculty at U. Illinois in 1997 after six years on the faculty of U. Minnesota and the Geometry Center. In 1990 he finished his Ph.D. at Princeton U. under the direction of the late Fred Almgren. His research in optimal geometry enriches both pure and applied mathematics. His computer graphics of soap bubbles have appeared widely in print.

George Francis, after completing his studies at Notre Dame, Harvard and U. Michigan, came to U. Illinois in 1968, where he is now professor of mathematics and senior research fellow at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA). He is the author of A Topological Picturebook, and is well-known for his mathematical illustrations and computer graphics.

Stuart Levy joined the NCSA at U. Illinois as the Senior Research Programmer for the Virtual Director project. He worked at the Geometry Center in Minneapolis from 1989 to 1997. He is co-author of the visualization software geomview, and a major contributor to the mathematical videos Not Knot, Outside In and The Shape of Space.

Camille Goudeseune is completing a doctoral degree in Music Composition at U. Illinois, where he previously got a master's in piano performance. He was a software design engineer for early versions of Microsoft Word, recently published a CD-ROM on Wagner's operas, and has been a member of NCSA's Audio Group since 1993.