Associated Mentors: Camille Goudeseune, George Francis

My project involved incorporating sound into Cube applications using Virtual Sound Server (VSS). The steps needed to run VSS on a networked computer were documented, and a simple, sonified program called "Scribble" was implemented in the Cube (crude screenshot). From there, an attempt was made at sonifying the Cube's DeviceClient. The DeviceClient is a behind-the-scenes C++ program that receives numerical information from the Cube wand about the locus and angle of the wand. This information is in turn sent to the application running in the Cube. A new DeviceClient--termed dcvss (since it would use VSS to generate sound)--was created and compiled with the intention of being compatible with virtually any Cube program; thus, any Cube program would include sound by virtue of the dcvss. Unfortunately, the sonification of the dcvss was not successful. It is a continuing project that should not require much more time to complete, at least on a working level.

At the beginning of the project, I experimented with Python and OpenGL to make a nifty little interactive plaything --screenshot

I also chatted with this fellow quite often.

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Mathematics Department, University of Illinois, 2010
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