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Tetris4D: History and Functionality of G. Kaiser's 4D Tetris RTICA.


The final purpose of this project (after a few false starts) is to delve into the history of the Tetris game phenomenon, up to and including Greg Kaiser's four-dimensional adaptation.  The game has a long and fairly eventful history, including Tetris's creation in Moscow in 1985, its emergence and rapid spread in Western markets, and the huge legal mess that developed over who was licenced to produce the game for various video game and computer platforms.  Lastly, some comment was made on the nature of Kaiser's 4D program and the complexities of using it.  Tangental to this main "documentation aim was adding a few new features to the existing HyperTetris code, icluding a "gravity toggle" and a simplified instuction set that automatically fills the Unix shell in use with one page of instructions whenever the game is run.

Here is a picture of the game in action.  Notice the four different subviews that allow the user to interprit the true 4D game space.

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