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Public Presentations of Math 198 Projects, 2001

Rennaissance Experimental Lab of the NCSA
Room 3414 Beckman Institute
Consult this site for any schedule changes.

Monday, 7 May 2001

1:00pm Monday 7 May 2001
Karan Dalal, CAVEcoaster Ride a roller coaster on a Lissajou track.

1:30pm Monday 8 May 2001
Matt Young, hyperRubik On the 3 and 4-dimensional Rubik's Cube

2:00pm Monday 7 May 2001
Colin Winter, graviPong Projectile Motion under Gravity.

2:30pm Monday 7 May 2001
Matt Rakher, LicaToo An OpenGL implementation of Chris Hartman's LInear Cellular Automata (LICA).

3:00pm Monday 7 May 2001
Ed Pernicka, N-body Problem A real-time, interactive solution of the equations of motion.

3:30pm Monday 7 May 2001
Imran Rashid, soniCA Sonification of Cellular Automata in Csound and OpenAL.

Wednesday, 9 May 2001

1:00pm Wednesday 9 May 2001
Mariya Lazebnik, LorenzMask Real-time interaction with strange attractors in 3D

1:30pm Wednesday 9 May 2001
Tuan Bui, fiSHarks Simulation of a Predator-Prey Model.

2:00pm Wednesday 9 May 2001
Ryan Giordano, Vorteces Point Vortex Motion

2:30pm Wednesday 9 May 2001
Daniel Go, simSims Karl Sims' Evolving Virtual Creatures

3:00 pm Wednesday 9 May 2001
Mark Murphey, Tetris4D History and Functionality of G. Kaiser's 4D Tetris RTICA.

3:30pm Wednesday 9 May 2001
Ben Bernard, hyperTetris G. Kaiser's 4D Tetris in OpenGL

4:00pm Wednesday 9 May 2001
Mike Hewner, fOOrth Object Oriented Forth.