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This page holds links to selected work by Informatics PhD candidate Mohammad Amanzadeh
teacherRTICA is an explanatory example of an elaborate application of Amanzadeh's API.
Conductor-Teacher is an app to teach the teacher with motion capture data. Note the twitching caused by the Kinect Camera mocap!
Home movie made with two components of Amanzadeh's API.
Pirouette trainingset generator for motion learning ML.
Motion Gate geometric interface for motion-based human-computer interaction.
PirouetteBis alternate user interface of pirouette.html.
Phase Space comparison of non-linear to linear pendulum (harmonic oscillator).
illiJoe RTICA HTML/WebGL/JS translation Sherwin Tam C/OpenGL 1996
Blobby Marionette
Older Blobby Marionette
Teacher Student Arms
Older Teacher Student Arms
Blobby Arm
Double Pendulum
IlliSkel in Javascript with David Eck's glsim.js
illiJoe a trivial example of Blobby Man animation: one angle/joint + one intervention.