Character (click to move)

(M) mouse release/freeze

Click on a body to select and move/twist

(T) twist on/off

(S) reset selected body

(C) reset character

(Z) undo (X) redo

Animation (click to move)

(L) load Pirouette

(P) play/pause

(I) insert keypose (D) delete keypose

Step through the keyposes:

(O) first (<) previous (>) next

View Port (click to move)
KeyPose: 0 Please use a browser that supports "canvas"
Comments (click to move)
RTICA written by Mohammad Amanzadeh, PhD Candidate, Informatics
Advisor: George K. Francis, Professor Emeritus, Mathematics
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
To demonstrate a Pirouette dance turn animation produced by this RTICA press (L)oad. The teacher tries to mimic: