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Calendar for illiMath2001 Events

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This Week

This Week Please consult this calendar for scheduled 20 minute final reports of illiMath2001 projects and rehearsal talks for MathFest.

Monday 30jul01
10:00 grafiXlab Workshop:Mathematical Models; Dr. Peggy Kidwell, Curator of Mathematics, Smithsonian Museum, Washington.
11:00 CAVE (3514 Beckman Institute) Demo for Dr. Kidwell
2:00 grafiXlab Lorna Salaman Final PresentationKairomone
3:00 grafiXlab Ben Farmer Final Presentation bishopCoaster
4:00 grafiXlab Ben ShanbaumFinal Presentation carniBeats

Tuesday 24jul01
11:00 CAVE (3514 Beckman Institute) Final CAVE Presentations soniBlui, carniBeats, bishopCoaster, stoneSchprel
1:30 grafiXlab Alison Ortony Final Presentation< Narnia
2:00 grafiXlab Robert Shuttleworth Final Presentation Quaternions
2:30 grafiXlab Mark Flider Final Presentation Special Relativity
3:00 grafiXlab George FrancisFestive Closing Remarks
6:00 pm Festive Closing Symposium chez Francis

Wednesday 25jul01
9:00 grafiXlab Festive Cleanup of the Lab
12:00 CAR leaves for MathFest.