Firefox Version

4D Cantor Fractals

Andrew Kazenas
Math 198, Fall 2015


Hypercube, the 4D equivalent of a square.
5-Cell, the 4D equivalent of a triangle.
Menger Hypersponge - The Menger Sponge taken up a dimension
Sierpinski 5-Cell - The Sierpinski Tetrahedron taken up a dimension

Mobile / Firefox Version - The Sierpinski 5-Cell, with a different interface that doesn't require keyboard inputs, so Firefox and mobile phone users can view the RTICA

Brief Explanation

I made a Cantor Set in the fourth dimension.

Less Brief Explanation

View the documentation for my project here

Rotation Controls

These RTICAs have been tested to work with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Vivaldi. Firefox reads keystrokes differently, so you will not be able to rotate using the keys on Firefox. Firefox users, mobile users, and the otherwise keyboard deficient are encouraged to try the Firefox / Mobile version at the bottom of the page. Rotation is done relative to the viewer, not relative to the object. You may rotate using the QWERTY keys for the positive direction and the ASDFGH keys for the negative rotation. The following table details which buttons rotate which axes:
x y z w
x \ Q W R
y A \ E T
z S D \ Y
w F G H \