Controlling a Quadrotor

Jake Dluhy

A Math 198: Hypergraphics Project


In this instructional webpage, we will explore each of the aspects that go into controlling a quadrotor. By starting with the basics of kinematics, progressing through dynamics, and into the world of state space modeling, we will build up the basic knowledge that goes into quadrotor design. In the end, we will see everything put together into a game that will test your control engineering skills!

1 Kinematics

The kinematics of motion. Changing coordinate frames from one to the next, including translations and rotations.

2 Dynamics

The dynamics of a quadrotor. How forces and torques are applied on the body, and how the quadrotor responds appropriately.

3 Manual Control

Controlling a quadrotor by positioning a desired position, and manually choosing gains.

4 Optimal Control

Using optimal control to minimize cost and automatically select gains.

5 The Target Game

Play the target game, a challenge that will test your skills as a control engineer.