The Westergame

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The goal of the Westergame is to create a rigid Penrose carpet. Using the controls, brace enough faces such that when the carpet is sheared along any ribbon, there will be no deformation in the carpet. You can check the rigidity of the carpet using the button labeled "Check Rigidity" at the bottom, or the game will notify you when the carpet is rigid.

The graph on the right represents the intersections between ribbons. Each number around the outside corresponds to a ribbon, and the edges connecting two numbers represents and intersection between those two ribbons. When the face at an intersection is braced, the edge in the graph representing that intersection will become bold. The carpet is rigid when there is a connected graph of bold edges.


mouse click - Brace/Unbrace face

q, w - Switch through ribbons

v - Switch between selecting ribbons or selecting faces

<, > - Shear along the currently selected ribbon