Lab on Moebius Transformations

4apr11 \textit{ $\C$ 2010, Prof. George K. Francis, Mathematics Department, University of Illinois} \begin{document} \maketitle \section{Web search for items on Moebius transformations.} \subsection{Instructions for In-class Lab} Form groups and choose a leader. If your original group is too small, please join another group. You may all search the web as instructed, but if you find something to be shared, load it on the leader's screen and I'll project it for all to see. \subsection{Instructions for Independent Lab Work} Check out the links below for the quality of items we seek to find on the web. Then, see if you can add some to this list. \section{Examples} \section{Moebius Transformations Revealed} This video by Jonathan Rogness and Doug Arnold, U.Minnesota, is an award winning illustration on the subject. Write a brief review relating it to a current lessons. \subsection{M\"obius Transformations} This Java applet by Terence Tao, UCLA, can be used to construct Moebius transformations. See if you can, figure out how to use this applet. Write a simple recipe for doing something simple with it. \subsection{Animation by Ethan Bakshy} [To be added. The animation on the webportal to MA402 is not that hard to reproduce. But I have to find the pieces.]