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Here is a good write up of what the Etruscan Venus is about. It was written by Ivars Peterson for Science News, October 27, 1987. This archive has no pictures, so I am rebuilding a backup of the original article to prevent yet another broken link when the website disappears. In the decades since her birth in 1986 there has appeared a lot about this singular Klein bottle, not all of it as historically accurate as one might wish. Google pagerank's inability to judge content over popularity just proves we have long way to go before the Web replaces paper.

Sadly, the World Wide Web is impermanent and volatile, and links break. Someday I'll have time to repair this page. Some currently (29dec13) valid links are collected here.

Ellen Sandor's Art^n pages have many images of the Venus because Ellen fabricated many scolograms of the Venus.


Here is a streaming video of the The Etruscan Venus by George Francis, Donna Cox and Ray Idaszak, 1988. All the original links are gone now, except for this print on YouTube.

Our postmodern Venus also stars in an award winning video by Donna Cox and Chris Landreth, Venus and Milo.

Some more broken links to the Etruscan Venus

If you know a valid link to Donna Cox's archives of this image, please write me. Thanks GFrancis@Illinois.edu