Revised 9sep10

Part I Affine Geometry

  • A1 What you need to know for this module.

  • A2 Quadrilaterals, Diagonals and Parallelograms.

  • A2a Sample texPad solution to Tondeur Problem 1.7a.

  • A2b Sample texWins solution to Tondeur Problem 1.7a.

  • A3 The Centroid Theorem. (See Advice/8min Video)

  • A4 Cartesian and Barycentric Coordinates. (With MCL.)

  • A5 Ceva’s Theorem.

  • A6 Two applications of the Mail Collinearity Lemma.

  • A7 Menelaus' Theorem.

  • A8 Menelaus implies Ceva.

  • A9 Desargues' Theorem. (With Pappus' Theorem.)

  • A10 Exercises for Affine Geometry.

  • Solution to the Balloon on a Teetertotter Problem

  • Occasional Class Notes on explanations given in class.

  • Screenshots from Class M6

  • A11 Remediation on the logic prerequisite from MA347.