The Organization of this Course, Spring 2011

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Here is just a summary of the administrivia, and you'll need to dig deeper into these webpages for more detail.

Homepage is the portal homepage for my geometry courses and many other things. You only need to remember "" and you might set the browser in your lab account to this address. From there, links lead to the other pages, including his one. Find the administrivia for the most recent intramural blended version of MA403 here. For this extramural online edition of the course certain modifications are described here. All course pagese are accessible to anyone on the web, but some links are password protected.


The syllabus for the course is a variable document. The current subject matter is announced in detail. Details on future events are filled in as we get closer to them. Consult the syllabus frequently to see what is going on in the course.

Online Lessons

All course material is in \textbf{these lessons} on the web. The approach to the material and the exposition in these lessons is the \textbf{official one}. Information contained in the textbook or that you find online at other websites are useful supplements, but they are no substitute.

In the extramural course it is essential that you study the lesson well before attempting to do the exercises to leave time for consultation with your mentor. You earn class-participation credit for submitting questions about the lesson on \texttt{Classcomm>Messages}. The more specific and apt you make the initial subject line the more points. This helps me and the mentors to optimize our time to discussing only those parts of the lesson you did not understand.


In the intramural course, Friday \textbf{quiz and computer labs} are supplementary to the course. For the extramural course it may be possible to arrange for some simultaneous, interactive online sessions in \textit{Elluminate} provided a common time can be determined. Be sure you indicate your timezone on the weekly schedule in the infosheet. For the rest you should set aside a block of time per week to learn and practice the the mechanics of LaTeX for submitting homework and how to use KSEG for constructing geometrical figures to illustrate your work. Specific lab assignments will require you to submit the LaTeX and/or KSEG source file for detailed inspection and help.


Homework is due on the day for which it is assigned. Late homework should be submitted, but may earn reduced credit. All homework should be done on scratch paper and entered by hand into your journal prior to composing it in texWins. You should obtain and keep a printable (.pdf) file of the homework. When the \texttt{Classcomm submission} feature has been enabled, you will upload the .pdf file, and any other files requested. Your mentor can process it from there. When consulting your mentor, have your journal handy. The homework will be graded and returned with comments via Classcomm. There is a 2 week grace period during which time you may submit your homework in any readable manner you wish. But thereafter it must conform to the announced specifications.


This is the course management system we use for the course. You have password protected access to this. Except for the public forums, your transactions with Classcomm is available only to you and your course mentor.


This is a web-based tool for writing up homework and reports in LaTeX, which is the standard mathematical typesetting system used in all modern sciences and technologies. In it you compose text with mathematical notation, which you can preview until you get it right. You upload figures you made with KSEG, and texWins will insert these into the LaTeX .pdf document. You should fetch this document and submit it to Classcomm for grading.


This is a good quality, bound notebook, different from your class and lab notes, which contains information you thought about and entered by hand. The journal purpose is to have a record of your homework independent of Classcomm, and summaries of course content, entered in a timely fashion. You journal is not only a great souvenir of the course, but a study aid for the exams and final. You may bring only your journal to the midterm and final examination for reference.

More Advice

You will find more detailed advice on how to do things in this class in the \textbf{Advice} pages on this website.